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Case Study

‘Jack’, a young man aged 29, was referred to Solo Housing by the Local Authority. He had been living in a rehabilitation hostel for two years after serious Class A drug misuse and his family had disowned him. The friends he had were not a good support network for his recovery, he didn’t have work and was claiming benefits.

Our Lodgings Officer met with him, learned about his difficult life story and how he had come out the other side with a positive attitude. Solo Housing managed to place him in lodgings within a week of meeting him and since then his life has really transformed, enabling him to go on to study for a counselling degree and work with young people with drug and drink dependencies.

‘Jack’ is very happy in his lodgings and is looking to remain long term. The landlady is very happy and describes him as ‘an asset to our family and society’.

How we make a difference

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