Affordable homes for single people

We all know how high rents are these days.  Most people on low pay or on benefits without a partner to share the cost, simply cannot afford to rent from a private landlord. And it is almost impossible to access a council or housing association property. That’s why the work we do is so important. Our Lodgings Scheme provides affordable accommodation for people who do not need a support service once they have been housed. Typically, many of those who are placed in lodgings are people who have been asked to leave the family home, who have been sleeping rough in a barn or car or sofa-surfing with friends.

You can be referred to us by one of the local authorities that we work with (South Norfolk, Suffolk Coastal and Waveney) or contact us yourself. We will then interview you where it is convenient and match your requirements to accommodation that we have on our register. Everyone is different and we do our best to meet the needs of both potential lodger and landlord. We have even been asked to find someone accommodation with a horse and been successful!

Our job is usually finished once someone has been successfully placed, but we can be contacted for further advice and assistance by either landlord or lodger on an occasional basis.

Our free scheme has been running since 1985 and during this time we have housed hundreds of people.
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